What we do

Omniyat specializes in business intelligence, data warehousing, information worker, enterprise application integration, and business process integration solutions to help organizations exploit their investment in IT while addressing their most pressing business problems and business objectives. We work with you to understand the underlying business issues and design a solution that fits your organization’s needs.

Why we do it

Our core purpose is Realizing Visions with Technology, for both our clients and our consultants. For our clients, we strive to achieve their business goals, such as increasing revenue, or decreasing costs, by applying technology to solve business problems and improving operations. For our consultants, we help them achieve their individual goals by giving them the tools, training, experiences and life-work balance to achieve their professional and personal goals.

How we do it

We focus on the customer’s needs and maintain a consistent approach to the way we conduct our work. We achieve this by a single set of principles at the highest level, adhered to by all Omniyat operation. This provides the customer with the best solutions, a consistent service, and access to worldwide resources.

 Omniyat operate an integrated management system, combining quality, commercial and technical disciplines into a coherent approach. We recognize that everyone in our organization contributes to customer satisfaction.

Omniyat unique approach to satisfying our customers is delivered by:

  •   Focus on our customer’s business needs: 

Today’s business solutions need to be quick to implement, customizable to the business needs, adaptable for the future and most important of all – easy to use. Omniyat provides solutions to meet these needs. Understanding these needs, the pains faced, implications, recommending and implementing solutions is what Omniyat is good at. Our expertise, customer focus, and flexible delivery models ensure superior execution.
  •  Share the knowledge :

 Today's environment is characterized by technology that gets obsolete before you get a chance to maximize your returns. It is absolutely critical your technology goals support your business goals. Being unbiased to any technology manufacturer or vendor we at Omniyat understand the need for such planning and deployment. We also do know the real success factors and the pitfalls in delivering projects, who’s who in the market place, the lessons learned in similar projects without jeopardizing the confidentiality of others so we make all our knowledge and experience available to our customers to help them make the right IT investment decision to achieve their business goals in protective cost effective manner.

  •   Develop and Maintain partnership relation with our clients